About Us

Hashim Property, part of Hashim Group Company, was established in 2009 with a goal in mind; to provide the best real estate services, guidance and consultation for international people who would like to purchase a property in Turkey. Today we are one of the leading real estate company in Turkey/ We are an international real estate investment and consultancy service company with a high profile and professional employees from various positions in the real estate sector.

Today, we enjoy a partnership with over 30 reputable businesses and project developing companies who can jointly offer many projects that are just exactly the thing you have been looking for. As Hashim Property, we are your solution partner for all kind of properties whatever your requirements are. We cater for every property need, from offices, retail stores, commercial investments to apartments, holiday homes, luxury villas and residential

During 10 years of experience, our company has further developed its vision with the confidence and continuity it providing principled, innovative and dynamic management understanding of our sector.

Why Hashim Property

Advantage of a wide range of services through Hashim Group companies (Real Estate, Investment, Transportation, Tourism, Health and Design sectors)

A leading trustworthy company with large networks, long experiences in foreign markets, specialized professional services, expert consultants and after-sales services

Large portfolio with pre-qualified development companies in Istanbul.


Where Nature Becomes Your Life Not Just Part of It

Well, it is not a dream anymore!

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